Home Maintenance

10 Tips For Sellers To Prepare For The Home Inspection

There are a lot of things you can and should do as a seller to prepare your home for a home inspection. According to BHG Inspections, here are 10 things sellers can do to make the inspection go a little more smoothly. On inspection day, the home should be empty of the owners - this gives the buyer time to get acquainted with the property. Pets should be removed or crated. If something isn't...

Managing Your Sprinkler System

Permanent irrigation/sprinkler systems provide a level of convenience so that you can automate your watering schedule and frequency. In addition, Sprinkler systems can offer potential savings with utility use and reduced water usage as you can water at times like the early morning when the water used to hydrate your lawn will not be lost due to natural evaporation. Due to a large number of moving parts...

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