Managing Your Sprinkler System

Permanent irrigation/sprinkler systems provide a level of convenience so that you can automate your watering schedule and frequency. In addition, Sprinkler systems can offer potential savings with utility use and reduced water usage as you can water at times like the early morning when the water used to hydrate your lawn will not be lost due to natural evaporation.

Due to a large number of moving parts homeowners should review the following with their systems:

  • Sprinkler heads can shift out of alignment and may require adjustment to ensure the flow of water is not landing on driveways or sidewalks.
  • Sprinkler heads should not be placed too close to the foundation or exterior deck or porch.  Moisture intrusion can cause significant damage over time. Also, wooden deck and porch supports that are soaked by the sprinkler can become weakened creating a potential safety hazard. 
  • Sprinkler heads can also become damaged when you are mowing your yard.
  • In colder climates, homeowners need to winterize their irrigation/sprinkler systems to prevent damage to water pipes. 
  • If you are thinking of upgrading your irrigation system consult with your local water provider to see if they offer rebates in your area.

If you have questions about your irrigation/sprinkler system feel free to contact us and we can get you in touch with a sprinkler system expert. Click here to access a homeowner’s guide to landscape irrigation published by The Irrigation Association.

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