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Benefits Of Selling Your Home In A Low Inventory Market - The Curtis Team - Doug Curtis - San Antonio Real Estate - Texas Real Estate

Benefits of Selling Your Home In A Low Inventory Market

Between low inventory and rising interest rates, many sellers are holding off on selling their homes in hopes that the real estate market will have more favorable conditions. However, sellers don’t realize that limited inventory is actually something that can work in your favor. Let’s look at a few benefits of selling your home when there’s limited inventory available. Increased Demand One...

Holding Off On Selling? Here's Why You Should Consider Selling Now - The Curtis Team - Doug Curtis - Central Texas Real Estate - Texas Real Estate

Holding Off On Selling? Here’s Why You Should Consider Selling Now

We’re sure you’ve heard it; it’s currently a seller’s market, and all the cards are in your favor. However, what’s holding you back is your low interest rate on your home and not wanting to buy a new home with a high interest rate, right? We get it. But the truth is, there has never been a better time for sellers! Let’s dive into why now is the time to sell, even if it means letting go of...

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Comanche Trace

In the heart of Texas Hill Country in Kerrville, Comanche Trace is a private 1,300-acre master-planned community with expansive views. Comanche Trace is located 13 minutes from Kerrville-Kerr County Airport and 3 minutes from Kerrville-Schreiner Park. Major cities like San Antonio and Austin are 1 hour and 2 hours away, respectively.  Recognized as one of the 50 Best Master-Planned Communities in...

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Open House

If you have listed a home before, you’ve probably heard your real estate agent talk about open houses. An open house is a scheduled period of time, usually a few hours, when a home is available for viewing by potential buyers.  But how do you know if you should have an open house? Some real estate agents love them, and others are indifferent about them. Let’s talk about some advantages and...

Home Price Deceleration vs. Home Price Depreciation

You have probably heard all the news about “home prices are going down,” or “The Housing Crash of 2022.” Let’s decipher what is actually happening.  Home prices escalated at an above average pace for the last two years. In fact, earlier this year a homeseller would expect a flurry of showings followed by a flurry of offers and most likely a final sales price over the...

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