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Landlord-Tenant Laws All Landlords Should Be Familiar With

As a landlord, you hope never to be put in a position where you need to know landlord-tenant laws. However, it’s important to at least be familiar with a few of them so you know what you can and cannot say or do in certain situations. To fully understand these laws, you should contact your attorney to have them explained. Let’s look at four landlord-tenant laws all landlords should be familiar...

How To Add Value To Your Rental Property The Curtis Team Doug Curtis Real Estate Texas

How To Add Value To Your Rental Property

Congratulations, you purchased your first rental property! As a landlord, you’re probably wondering what upgrades you can make that will help increase the value of your property. You can do many things to a home to make it feel more welcoming and inviting, but which upgrades will add value? Let’s take a look! Landscaping Nothing is worse than pulling up to a rental property and it being a...

Beginners Guide To Investing In Real Estate

If you’re considering real estate investing, you’re probably wondering where to start. Once you begin researching, you’ll realize there are various ways to invest and many different routes you can take. It’s smart to start small and let it grow from there. Here are four ways to get started in real estate investing. Primary Homes Typically you don’t think of living in a primary home as...

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