How to Stage Your Central Texas Home Like a Pro

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Are you thinking of selling your Central Texas home? As our market continues to normalize, it will become increasingly important to prepare your home for market so that your home stands out from the competition. Let’s take a look at how you might stage your home like a professional stager:

  1. Ensure inviting curb appeal. Think exterior paint, accents (like shutters and your front door), lawn and landscape, walkways, and driveways. Fresh mulch, colorful flowers, and a cheerful front porch are also great ways to welcome your potential buyers.
  2. Neutralize and depersonalize. Choose furniture and accent pieces that brighten the space and enhance its features. Be sure to remove family photos or items that may hinder a potential buyer from imagining him- or herself living and thriving in your home.
  3. Remove dated wallpaper and paint colors. Out-of-style appointments should be removed, and take a quick study on what interior colors and finishes are popular today.
  4. Simplify and brighten. Remove personal wall art and make the space feel bigger and more inviting. Show a clear flow in your rooms, and help the buyer imagine their furnishings in your home. Wash your windows and pull up the blinds.
  5. Help buyers connect. Update your spaces, finishes, and textures to match modern tastes. Be sure to keep things “light and bright” throughout your home.
  6. Create a cozy bedroom that’s also memorable. Remove personal photos and declutter the primary and secondary bedrooms. Choose decor and linens that are updated, cozy, and welcoming.

Staging your home for sale is very important, especially in a normalizing market. It not only helps buyers see themselves in your home, but it also increases the likelihood of receiving a strong offer. Have a question on how you should stage your Central Texas home? Reach out to our caring, qualified team today: (210) 477-4854 or

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